Congratulations to all our volunteers and supporters for contributing to the success of our tenth and final year as a federal drug-free communities grant recipient! Our outcomes this year include:

  1. Provided targeted messaging to parents with “Take Time to Talk, Take Time to Listen” campaign to encourage communication of parental disapproval of underage substance abuse. We integrated social media, print and radio ads island-wide, from November 2012 through September 2013.
  2. Delivered integrated “Models Not Bottles” media campaign in partnership with Hawaiʻi County Mayor’s office.
  3. Hosted huinawai youth leadership camp for 35 teens and their mentors in June. A reunion event in September helped youth form a Youth Advisory Group that will continue in the future. Both events were held in Waipiʻo Valley and provided cultural education in partnership with Hāmākua Youth Foundation.
  4. Enhanced community capacity to use prevention framework strategies through quarterly education at meetings and trainings. In September, we gave tuition scholarships to eight community leaders to attend a 2-day certification program conducted by national CADCA trainers, held in Honolulu.
  5. Executed a federally-required survey to measure youth risk behavior on the four core measures for alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and prescription drugs. Our consulting evaluator, Farrah Gomes, conducted the survey with 392 youth, grades 6, 8, 10 and 12, at North Hawaiʻi schools in spring 2013. She wrote a summary report and presented it to NHDFC partners on September 20, 2013. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.
  6. Developed a sustainability plan that included development of two new drug free coalitions in Hawaiʻi County. Collaborating with the Mayor’s Office and the Prosecuting Attorney, an East Hawaiʻi DFC was formed with more than 20 member organizations and the West Hawaiʻi DFC has 15 member organizations. Both are meeting monthly and intend to coordinate applications for federal DFC grant funding in 2014 and 2015.

Special mahalo to NHDFC Program Manager, Deanna Kackley for her leadership on this project. The Five Mountains Hawaiʻi office is now closed and both Deanna and Robin are off to new adventures. The NHDFC continues as a volunteer organization as the group seeks a new fiscal sponsor. Kathy Strahle is the NHDFC Volunteer Coordinator and is available to answer questions.  Please click here for Kathy’s contact information.